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We Got You. Virtual Real Estate Tours For Selling And Buying a Home

We Got You. Virtual Real Estate Tours For Selling And Buying a Home

We Got You. Virtual Real Estate Tours For Selling And Buying a HomeWe Got You. Virtual Real Estate Tours For Selling And Buying a HomeWe Got You. Virtual Real Estate Tours For Selling And Buying a Home

Buyers Tools


Why Is Buyer Representation Important To You

When we represent a buyer, we have your best interests at heart. Whether you’re buying a $100,000 home or a $10 million home, you will get our full attention, 24/7 availability, access to top lenders, title companies and home inspectors as well as our expert and honest advice.  We believe it’s our job not only to find you the perfect home but also to educate you throughout the entire process, so you know you’re making the best short and long-term financial decisions.  For most people, buying a home is the most expensive purchase you will ever make, and it’s our job to make sure you not only get a great home but get it for at the best price possible. We go above and beyond for every client from helping you find movers and home insurance to housewarming parties. To read reviews about us from past clients visit Facebook, Zillow, YELP and Trulia. 

Complimentary Buyer Representation

 In most cases, the seller or builder will directly pay the agent and therefore no cost to you.   This provides you peace of mind to know you have experts working on guiding you throughout the real estate buying side and at zero cost to you.  

Getting Started

First check out our buyer home search tool.

Second, call, text or  send us an email at lori@sosimplehome.com so we can set-up the following home search tools:

- Custom portal access designed to your buying needs.  

-Multiple Listing Service Portal for new listings, search homes, save to favorites and write notes.

-We work to get out in front of the market to determine what is coming on the market with 100’s of agents so we can be aware of potential homes that could fit your home buying goals, before they are available on the Multiple Listing Service

-We prospect daily with potential sellers so we can personally determine if their home could be a possible fit for your needs.

-We work with For Sale by Owners and determine their motivation to sell their home (sometimes they are testing the market) and we can determine if we should preview their home.    

-We get out in front of the off the market homes that are coming soon

What To Expect

Our step-by step checklist that contains the steps you need to follow to buy your dream home.   

Step 1:  Hire a Realtor

Step 2: We will connect you to the right lenders to  review the best way to buy a home and to get pre-approved for a mortgage.

Step 3: Clarity Around Home Buying Goals

Step 4: Find the home of your dreams

Step 5: Time for showings

Step 6: Determine what home is your first & second choices of offerings on the market

Step 7: Agent will prepare a winning offer on one of your top choices 

Step 8: Offer Accepted, Counter-Offer, Notice of Multipe Offers, Your Agent will guide you

Step 9: I have an accepted contract. Now what?

Step 10: Earnest money check and Option Check timeline

Step 11: Give notice to your landlord (only applies to tenants who are currently renting)

Step 12: Don’t spend extra money

Step 13: Schedule Inspections 

Step 14: Tips to understanding home inspection report 

Step 15: Review inspection report 

Step 16: Buyer's Agent Negotiates Repairs 

Step 17: Secure your home owner's insurance

Step 18: Review the HOA documents (only applies to buyers who are purchasing in HOA's)

Step 19: Review Title Commitment

Step 20: The apprasial

Step 21: Hire movers and start packing

Step 22: Schedule utilities

Step 23: Responding to underwriter's requests for loan approval

Step 24: Get your down payment ready

Step 25: Do you want a home warranty?

Step 26: We will set-up your closing time with title company

Step 27: What is clear to close?

Step 28: Attend the walk through prior to closing 

Step 29: Do not wire money, without speaking voice to voice with your buyer' agent

Step 30: Attend closing and bring casheir's check to closing 

Step 31: Wrapping things up

Step 32: Funded and move-in time

Step 33: Confirm movers, utilities, etc.

Step 34:  Celebration Time 

Share The Big News

Now let's throw a housewarming party for everyone to come experience your incredible new home. 

Tell Us About Your Journey

Share your stories of home buying adventures, simplified. 


Where Do you want to live?

Choose your area that is more than bedroom count, flooring, sqaure footage....

Do you ever stop to think about what you want your life to look like?  What fills you up and makes your 💜truly happy?  When you're looking at where you live, it's important to pay attention to the bigger picture. 

What do you love?  The outdoors🚴, cozy feel, walk  score, open space to breathe, a great subdivision with great amenities, 🐮🐮farm life, ease of maintenance with a condo?  These are the type of questions to ask to lead you to live your best life.  Every day starts and ends at🏡.  

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